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On Airport transport

We are specialized in airfreight transport and we know our way around the airport.

With divers handlers we are in close contact and have a good cooperation to quickly, smoothly and safely haul over or deliver goods. In this we make use of our simplified C-sum customs permit. This makes it possible for us to supply you with information, after which your shipment is swiftly hauled over and stored.

On slot times within efficient routes we ride in an 24 hours cycle to and from the airport for both import and export shipment of goods.

Naturally we only use qualified trained employees with flexible material. Our employees are all in possession of an ACN pass which is linked to the required studies (i.a. Awareness-Robbery).

We act in full accordance with the guidelines of the Aviation laws and regulations and are registered with the European Database as Regulated Agent (RA). With this we acknowledge our responsibility in the supply chain from shipper to receiver.

For all import shipments, which we discharge at diverse airside warehouses, we apply a fitting damage procedure. In this the client is supplied directly with complete and up to date information, in which digital photos and standard reports are used.


On Airport transport

On Airport Transport