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Distribution transport

Within our own strong network, we operate on a 24-hours service within de Benelux.

D.J. Middelkoop & Zn Nieuw-Vennep BV is specialized in daily consolidated or direct transport of all types of airfreight shipments. Import- and export shipments are adequately and safely transported by our versatile fleet.

Because of our convenient location near Schiphol Airport and completely dedicated office location, we are an excellent partner.

The Rotterdam- and Antwerp ports are facilitated by us on a daily basis with multiple vehicles. We transport every type of shipment, from small collo to large exceptional goods. All our fixed port drivers have in-depth knowledge and experience in this field. This enables us to handle both your import- and export goods in an efficient way.

Industrial goods are also picked and delivered daily for numerous clients across the Benelux. Your goods are always traceable and are delivered according to the qualifications that are required by you.



Distribution transport