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D.J. Middelkoop & Zn. Nieuw-Vennep is founded on 1 april 1932 by Dionisius Johannus Middelkoop, it now exists over 80 years. Dio Middelkoop started up a line service from Nieuw-Vennep to Rotterdam. In that time these were seen as really long journeys.

During world war II D.J. Middelkoop & Zn. has kept its business as well as it went. The fleet was hidden in the hay because of the fear that they would be recovered. In the fifties, there was a risk that small companies would not last. Together with four other small companies they temporarily worked together under “Velona Autodiensten”. This did not last for more than a year, as one was used to too much independence.

After these years the company went uphill. The sons, Nies and Koen joined the company and in the beginning of the sixties they had to move to industrial area Pionier in Nieuw-Vennep.

In the seventies the traditional line services were cut off. The licensing of the line services the way it was run up until then, was shut down as well. Instead of this traditional licensing a national and international way of licensing was put in place. Line services were traded for bulk transport, of which amongst others, Heineken was one of the mayor clients. Following the relocation of a big “paper client” in 1980 a second location was opened in¬†Culemborg.

In 1987 Pohlman Transport from Raalte was taken over. This location in Raalte was immediately relocated to new premises in Doetinchem. Because of the new built in Culemborg the building in Doetinchem became superfluous in 1992 and was therefore sold.

At the request of a major client a new location was set up in 1999 in Duiven. Middelkoop Duiven became independent in 2001 and has set its own course since then.

In 2001 Middelkoop took over Culemborg Drenth Lines from Oostwold to strengthen their position in the printing industry. In 2005 Paper Logistics from Breukelen was also merged. Especially within the paper and printing industry the margins came under further pressure. In 2011 the transporting business of Culemborg and Drenth Lines was sold. Middelkoop Culemborg now focuses completely on warehousing.

D.J. Middelkoop & Zn. Nieuw-Vennep BV
From the living room of D.J. Middelkoop in 1932, to the industrial area Pionier in 1960, they started building a new location in 2001 on industrial area Nieuw-Vennep Zuid. In 2002 the location that exists of 20,000 m2 of which 8,000 m2 is storage space and 1,800 m2 is office space was ready to be used.

Because of our convenient location near Schiphol Airport we are an appealing partner for forwarders. Since the last relocation, we have focused ourselves more and more on the transport of airfreight. By always investing in quality and continuity D.J. Middelkoop & Zn. Nieuw-Vennep BV has grown to a complete logistic partner in the Schiphol Airport/Haarlemmermeer area.